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Drone delivery

Fact or reality? 

A delivery drone is an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) used to transport packages, food or other goods.

Only a few years ago these projects were not taken very seriously. Today, operators are working hard to make them a reality for tomorrow’s deliveries.

Despite the fact that the technology is ready for this, and some customers are looking forward to it, the biggest remaining challenge is legislation. 


Operators of all kind have engaged in a race to the drone.


Our common goal is to develop a technology able to autonomously fly parcels to consignees. And this is where the projects differ from each other: some are expected to deliver to the customer’s doorstep where others, like us, prefer targeting delivery terminal and specific missions (urgent deliveries – to hospitals for instance-, in case of natural disasters, etc.).


High-tech and retail companies were the first to release their delivery drones, closely followed by the transport industry.


Most of the stakeholders including high tech, retail and transport companies showcased their first drone and tests in 2014. Since that time we must say that the transport companies are the closest ones to a real commercial exploitation: drones have improved, delivery terminals have been created, some specific niche markets are being explored etc.


And this is where the projects differ from each other: some are expected to deliver to the customer's doorstep

We showcased our first drone and our first fully automated flight tests in 2014.


We’ve been working alongside the French Aviation authority to be compliant with clear and safe rules for the global usage of commercial delivery drones. Our drone complies with all those requirements, and is today one of the safest and most reliable flight systems in its class.


Security is the most important factor to us, that’s why we were the first to create a delivery terminal to guarantee to the third party full protection during the landing / loading / unloading and take-off phases.


We do not expect to make deliveries consignees in their back yard, we’d rather focus on niche markets such as emergency deliveries and natural disaster cases, but also Pickup deliveries.



“Leading European player for parcel delivery, we are evolving our industry in order to set new service standard. Today we are proud of the technical innovations that make our drone one of the safest and the most advanced of its class. We think that this technology will be the future of parcel delivery.” Jean-Luc Defrance, Vice president, Process, IT and digital.


  • DPDgroup Drone datasheet (1.14 MB)